Texas county gets advice for war memorial

By MARK J. ARMSTRONG | Kerrville Daily Times, Texas | Published: November 24, 2012

Kerr County commissioners in Texas are expected to hear recommendations from local veterans and an appointed committee for changes to the county's policy for names to appear on the war memorial.

The memorial was erected in 1992 on the courthouse grounds and includes the names of 90 local residents who were reported killed in war; however, since then there has been no room for adding names and some questions about eligibilty.

Current policy requires that a service member's home of record be Kerrville in order for a name to be placed on the monument, but that policy has excluded five people killed since 2001 and identified by most as members of the local community.

Those not listed on the monument include Marine Cpl. Jacob Leicht, who was the 1,000th military death in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Although he graduated from Tivy High School, he married a local resident and his parents lived here at the time of his death, Leicht does not qualify under the current policy because he was not born here and did not list Kerrville on his enlisted papers.

Members of the Hill Country Veterans Alliance submitted a proposal for a county policy about inclusion on the monument that would make Leicht and others eligible, and that proposal was unanimously approved by the committee appointed to come up with a new policy.

Others who have died and could be included under the new policy are James Kiehl, Cody Orr, Matthew Holloway and Lawrence Ezell.

The veterans group proposal included a residency requirement based in part on similar policies from other counties.

The recommendation states that the person must have been a full-time resident of Kerr County for a minimum of six months and meet at least two of the following requirements:

--Born in Kerr County

--Buried in Kerr County

--Attended not less than four years in primary Kerr County schools or has a certificate for home schooling in Kerr County

--Graduated high school in Kerr County

--Entered service from Kerr


--Official military home of record in Kerr County

--Official notice of death from U.S. military notifying next of kin residing in Kerr County

--Listed in a Kerr County newspaper as a resident of Kerr County

--Listed as a member in a Kerr County church

--Married to a spouse from Kerr County at the time of death

County commissioners meet starting at 9 a.m. Monday at the Kerr County Courthouse.

Kerr County officials will hear recommendations for changes to the county's policy for names to appear on its war memorial. The memorial includes the names of 90 locals killed in war, but now there's no room for more.


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