Saab wins $31.7M Navy contract for air traffic radar systems made in Central New York

By MARK WEINER | syracuse.com | Published: April 29, 2021

WASHINGTON (Tribune News Service) — The U.S. Navy has selected Saab Inc. for a $37.1 million contract to supply three new air traffic control radar systems for the Navy’s nuclear-powered aircraft carriers and amphibious assault ships.

The radars, the U.S. version of Saab’s Sea Giraffe radar system, will be manufactured and tested at Saab’s North American headquarters in East Syracuse.

The Navy said this week that it expects to take delivery of the new radars by December 2022.

The Navy had previously selected Saab, a Swedish defense contractor, to begin low-rate, initial production of the radars in East Syracuse.

The systems will eventually serve as the primary air traffic radar for the Navy’s nuclear-powered aircraft carriers and amphibious ships with large decks.

A Saab spokesperson said the contract will help sustain existing jobs at the company’s growing facilities in East Syracuse.

Saab said this month that it will add 50 new jobs in East Syracuse after the Navy selected the company to upgrade its littoral combat ships — a new fleet of small, fast, and stealthy ships built to operate in shallow, coastal waters.

The new jobs are in engineering, information technology, manufacturing, and production.

Saab also has 41 other unfilled open positions in East Syracuse for software and radar systems engineers, and jobs in customer service and accounting.

Saab, Inc., part of the Swedish defense and aerospace firm, employs about 700 people in the United States, including about 500 in East Syracuse.

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