Recruiting programs for Guard, Reserve under scrutiny for fraud

By Published: March 13, 2012

A recruitment campaign to boost the Army National Guard and Reserveis the focus of a wide-ranging Pentagon fraud investigation, including allegations of kickback schemes involving military personnel, The Washington Post reported.

According to the Post, "The alleged fraud involves programs that paid $2,000 bounties to soldiers or civilians who signed up as “recruiting assistants” and brought in new enlistees. Investigators have found evidence that recruiters for the Guard and Reserve who were not eligible for the bounties worked with some recruiting assistants to secretly secure and split up the money."

In some cases, the recruiters shared bank accounts with the recruiting assistants to receive the bounties. One recruiter involved in the scheme pleaded guilty to fraudulently receiving $24,000 in that manner, the Post reported.

The Post report is based on internal documents by the Army Audit Agency, which said more than 1,700 recruiters and hundreds of recruiting assistants are under scrutiny for $92 million in potentially fraudulent transactions. Army Secretary John McHugh canceled the Recruiting Assistance Programs after receiving the report.

Read more about the investigation from The Washington Post


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