More military troops and veterans seem to favor Obama

President Barack Obama greets guests in the Oval Office before signing an executive order on the employment of veterans in the federal government, Nov. 9, 2009; one of several veterans-based White House initiatives. On March 6, 2012, Obama was expected to discuss plans to review thousands of military mortgages since 2006 for irregularities, and payouts of at least $116,000 for families hurt by improper foreclosure practices.


By Published: May 13, 2012

More U.S. troops and veterans are voicing support for President Obama in the upcoming general election, according to Reuters' report on a recent poll. The result might be a byproduct of dissatisfaction with the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, concern over threats of a conflict with Iran over failed nuclear negotiations, and talk of Pentagon budget cuts.

Thirty-two percent of men and women who served in the military think the war in Iraq ended successfully, according to the recent Reuters/Ipsos poll. More responded they would pull out of Afghanistan the roughly 90,000-U.S. troops serving there rather than continue military operations.

Republican candidate Mitt Romney has accused Obama of "a dangerous course" in wanting to cut $1 trillion from the defense budget, Reuters reported - although the actual proposal is a reduction of $487 billion over the next decade.

If the election were held today, Obama would win the veteran vote by as much as seven points over Romney, Reuters reported.

Source: Reuters