Guardsman found with explosives had more than initially reported

By LAURA ARENSCHIELD | The Columbus (Ohio) Dispatch | Published: January 11, 2014

LONDON, Ohio — An Indiana National Guardsman arrested after investigators found a cache of weapons inside his van had significantly more explosives than originally reported, a prosecutor said Friday.

Investigators found 83 explosive devices in Andrew Scott Boguslawski’s van, 35 more than initially reported, Assistant Madison County Prosecutor Nick Adkins said during Boguslawski’s appearance in Madison Municipal Court. Adkins said most of the explosives were intended to help ignite larger devices. About 25 were larger explosives, he said.

Boguslawski is charged with one count of manufacturing explosives, a second-degree felony, and one count of collecting chemicals for manufacturing explosives, a fourth-degree felony. Prosecutors likely will take the case to a grand jury, possibly in early February.

Boguslawski, 43, did not testify during the hearing, but his attorney, Mark Babb of Dayton, argued that there was no evidence that Boguslawski made the explosives in Madison County and, because of that lack of evidence, the charges against Boguslawski should be thrown out. Babb said there also was no evidence that Boguslawski planned to hurt anyone.

“There’s a lot of factors that aren’t known yet that I’m not at liberty to discuss at this point,” Babb said. “But I do not think he’s guilty of the charges that were brought against him.”

Adkins, though, said Boguslawski posed a significant public risk because of the number of explosives in his possession.

Municipal Judge Eric Schooley agreed, ordering Boguslawski to remain in the Tri-County Jail in Mechanicsburg on a $1 million bond and sending the case to Madison County Common Pleas Court.

Boguslawski has been in jail since early Jan. 2, when a State Highway Patrol trooper stopped him on I-70 after clocking him traveling at 85 mph in a 70 mph zone. The trooper, William Scott Davis, said the van bore stickers about guns, ammunition and the military. When he walked up to the window, he asked Boguslawski whether he had any weapons inside the van. Boguslawski answered “nope,” Davis testified today.

But when Davis returned to the van with a speeding ticket, he noticed the handle of what he thought was a gun between Boguslawski’s knees. Davis called for backup and the troopers searched the car.

The gun that prompted the search turned out to be a plastic replica. But troopers found other weapons inside the van, including a loaded pistol and a sniper rifle. The troopers also found bags that held plastic 5-Hour Energy bottles with wires coming out of their tops and what looked like a wallet with straws and wires poking out of its sides, as well as remote detonating devices.

A bomb squad determined that the bottles and wallet were explosives.

Davis said the 5-Hour Energy bottles “looked like IEDs,” or improvised explosive devices, and said Boguslawski told him they were used during military training exercises to prepare for suicide bombers.

Boguslawski also had the blueprints for a Navy SEAL training facility inside the van, Madison County Prosecutor Stephen Pronai said.

Boguslawski has enlisted in the National Guard in several states, including Ohio, since he graduated from high school in 1988, according to the Indiana National Guard. He was most recently assigned as an intelligence analyst with a reconnaissance unit and held top-secret government clearance because of that work. In November, he was transferred to the Indiana National Guard’s Medical Discharge Unit.

Lt. Col. Cathy Van Bree, a spokeswoman for the Indiana National Guard, said she could not disclose why Boguslawski was transferred to that unit.

Boguslawski also worked at one time as a groundskeeper at Muscatatuck Urban Training Center in Butlerville, Ind. Van Bree said yesterday that he stopped working there in 2010.

His security clearance was suspended after he was arrested, she said.

Boguslawski, of Moores Hill, Ind., told investigators he was traveling from Pennsylvania to Indiana when he was stopped.

This booking photo provided by the Tri-County Regional Jail in Mechanicsburg, Ohio, shows Andrew Scott Boguslawski. Boguslawski was charged with illegally making or possessing an explosive device after four guns, and almost 50 bombs were found in his vehicle during a traffic stop Monday, Jan. 6, 2014.


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