Canadian defense officials weigh contribution to US missile defense

By GORDON BLOCK | Watertown Daily Times, N.Y. | Published: October 1, 2016

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (Tribune News Service) — Canadian defense officials and lawmakers appear to have some interest in aiding American missile defense programs.

The DefenseNews report said that a Canadian parliamentary committee has recommended the country reconsider its 2005 decision to not be a part of the missile system.

A new report, “Canada and the Defence of North America,” argues that the Canadian government should recognize the spread of missile technology and to take steps to protect Canada from such threats.

“While Canada might appear to be well protected from foreign threats by the Arctic, Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and in sharing the longest international border in the world with the U.S., which happens to be its closest friend, military ally, and trading partner, our country nonetheless remains exposed to the volatility and unpredictability of the international security environment,” the report said.

DefenseNews also reported Canada could contribute space for an interceptor site or radar, or a space in the Arctic to track military movements in that region.

The issue of missile defense has been frequently discussed in the north country as the military considers Fort Drum and sites in Michigan and Ohio for the potential placing of a new missile defense site.

No decision has been made about whether to build such a site, and questions have been raised about the efficacy of such a proposal.

However, the effort for a site has spurred heavy lobbying by New York lawmakers, and those from rival states, in order to secure hundreds of jobs and potentially millions of dollars in activity.


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