Bullet from M-4 injured person during 2018 Wright-Patterson active shooter scare

By MAX FILBY | Dayton Daily News | Published: September 26, 2019

DAYTON, Ohio (Tribune News Service) — An Air Force investigation report paints a chaotic scene when emergency responders in August 2018 searched Wright-Patterson Medical Center during a false report of an active shooter.

The report by the Air Force Office of Special Investigations also reveals for the first time that a responder hurt in the 2018 active shooter scare at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base was injured by bullet from a servicemember firing an assault rifle to open a locked door.

The Dayton Daily News obtained the 214-page investigative report through a Freedom of Information Act request made to the special investigative unit in December. The Air Force redacted more than 100 pages of the report due to privacy concerns and documents originating from another agency.

A member of the base’s security forces squadron fired five rounds from an M-4 at the glass of a locked door in the base medical center to open it during the Aug. 2, 2018, incident. One of the rounds struck the top of another defender’s M-4, causing shrapnel to hit his hand.

“The injured servicemember “sustained minor injuries in his left thumb from small pieces of metal that broke off his M-4 after it was struck by one of the rounds,” the report states.

The security forces member who fired the M-4 remains a “valuable and contributing member” of the unit, said base spokesman Daryl Mayer. Any specific actions taken in reaction to the security member’s use of the M-4 during the false alarm is not releasable under the terms of the privacy act, Mayer said.

“After reviewing all the facts and circumstances, the Airman’s commander determined the weapon discharges were not justified and then took the appropriate action,” Mayer said.

A spokeswoman for AFOSI declined to comment on the report, saying it is still going through the review process with the office’s commander.

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