Airman accused of killing girlfriend and their two sons claims he's the real victim

Shane Walker is accused of killing his girlfriend, Air National Guardsman Alla Ausheva, and their two sons, Elia and Ivan, in their New York home on June 22.


By NICHOLAS WILLIAMS AND TREVOR BOYER | The New York Daily News | Published: June 28, 2019

NEW YORK (Tribune News Service) — A Staten Island airman locked up for killing his girlfriend and their two toddler sons insists he loved his slain kids — and that he was framed by his dead lover.

Shane Walker made the bizarre claims in an exclusive interview on Rikers Island, where he is awaiting trial for allegedly killing his girlfriend and fellow Air National Guard member, Alla Ausheva, 36, and drowning in a tub Elia, 3, and Ivan, 2, at their home on the morning of June 22. Walker’s wild, improbable tale cast himself and his children as the victims of a suicide frame-job by Ausheva.

“I loved my kids,” Walker, 36, told the Daily News while choking back tears.

Appearing groggy but otherwise lucid in a Rikers visiting area, the accused killer spun a story about his girlfriend drugging him with a cocktail of sleeping pills and Benadryl that she slipped into his regular morning smoothie around 9 a.m. Saturday.

Starting to feel drowsy, Walker climbed the stairs to check on his sons as Ausheva bathed them. There he found the two boys face-down and unresponsive in the bathtub, he said.

A teary-eyed Walker described confronting the mother of his kids, claiming he repeatedly asked her, “What did you do?"

During the ensuing argument, Ausheva stabbed herself in the neck with a knife he kept upstairs, Walker claimed.

“There was blood everywhere,” he said.

He told detectives after his arrest that he "put the knife in the drawer,” according to court papers.

As his girlfriend bled to death and he faded from consciousness, Walker claimed, he discovered a small fire in the basement, two floors below. He tried to put it out, but left it burning as he fled the house to seek help. Prosecutors have charged Walker with setting the fire.

Walker said he drove to Brooklyn heading for his post at Fort Hamilton and, desperate to find aid, ditched the car on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway.

Police said he was spotted wandering the BQE around 1 p.m. on Saturday, 2 1/2 hours after firefighters discovered the two possibly drowned bodies of the tots in a bedroom with their mother’s body.

Trudging along the expressway, he finally blacked out from the pills, Walker claimed. It was not until Monday morning, he said, that he awoke with handcuffs cinching his wrists, accused of the murders of Ausheva and little Elia and Ivan.

A Staten Island Family Court judge had ordered Walker to stay away from his girlfriend and their two sons following a Dec. 29 incident in which Walker was arrested for assaulting and threatening to hurt the three, according to court papers.

Born in Russia, Ausheva made headlines in 2012 when she won a green card lottery and was invited with 24 other military members to the White House to be sworn in as a U.S. citizen. Walker said he immigrated from Jamaica in 2009 and joined the military two years later.

Walker faces life in prison without parole on charges that include first-degree murder, manslaughter, and arson. He is due back in court Friday.

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