Air Force seeks feedback on new maternity uniforms

Stacey Butler, right, a clothing designer with the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center's Air Force Uniform Office, measures Capt. Taylor Harrison's maternity Airman Battle Uniform in 2017. The Air Force is seeking feedback on its maternity uniforms through an online survey.


By JENNIFER H. SVAN | STARS AND STRIPES Published: July 29, 2019

KAISERSLAUTERN, Germany More than a year after rolling out maternity uniforms with a full-stretch waist panel in the pants, roomier coat and other comfort features, the Air Force is conducting a survey to get feedback from female airmen on the new design.

All women serving in the Air Force will receive an email about the survey, but only those who have worn the new maternity uniform or are currently wearing it will be invited to complete the full questionnaire, officials from the Air Force Uniform Office said in a statement.

The online survey is open to active duty, Reserve and Guard members, and will be available until Sept. 23.

The Air Force wants to ensure the uniforms are comfortable and can be worn through an entire pregnancy, uniform office chief Tracy Roan said in a statement.

Feedback will help to determine if the new maternity uniforms are meeting the needs of pregnant airmen and guide the Air Force as it continues to design and develop maternity uniforms, officials said.

New maternity ABUs were first made available in December 2017.

A full-stretch panel at the waist was subsequently added after airmen complained the waistband was restrictive and uncomfortable. Some airmen reported cutting the elastic in the waistband to relieve pressure and then having to use safety pins to keep the pants up.

Other new features include coats that have flaps on the chest, a pencil pocket, adjustable side tabs and more room in the front.

For questions about the survey or maternity uniforms, send an email to: AFLCMC.WNUV.TAC.AF.UniformOffice@us.af.mil.

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