A ride with the Blue Angels results in whiplash, blacking out, getting sick and eternal fun

The U.S. Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron, the Blue Angels, solo pilots perform the knife-edge pass maneuver during the Lemoore, Calif., Air Show on Sept. 21, 2019


By MAC ENGEL | Fort Worth Star-Telegram | Published: October 19, 2019

FORT WORTH (Tribune News Service) — Taken individually, whiplash is no fun. The same goes for blacking out. And for throwing up.

Events more frequently associated with being over served, however, can occur when you ride with The Blue Angels; and then whiplash, blacking out and losing your stuff are a wonderful experience.

The Blue Angels will perform at the air show this weekend in the Alliance Air Show. The annual Alliance Air Show is Oct. 19 and 20 at Alliance Airport in north Fort Worth. Admission is free. Parking, however, is not.

Atop the bucket list for about forever was riding with famous United States Navy The Blue Angels air team. Although I had put in for this "media" ride for years, I had never been picked and did not expect it.

This week, I was an 11th hour and 59th minute invitee. After a thrilling trip to the doctor for a physical, I passed.

And I passed out.

Riding with The Blue Angels will always remain one of the great experiences of my life.

I have a new respect for the pilots who fly these planes, and for the F18 plane itself. What these pilots can do, and are used to, is torture to a body.

Nearly breaking the sound barrier is not that hard on the body, but when someone says "Pulling a G," put a refrigerator on your chest while a car rams into the appliance. That's Pullin a G, and why I passed out.

I loved all of it, and thanks so much to The Blue Angels who made this possible.


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