11 tips to keep things civil while visiting historic battlefields

Stay off: Cannons, such as this field piece at Gettysburg National Military Park, are iconic fixtures at many National Park battlefields and military parks. Visitors should not climb upon them.


By MCCLATCHY NEWSPAPERS Published: July 15, 2013

If you're not careful, your next step while exploring a Civil War battlefield could harm a precious physical remnant from a vital chapter of American history. Civil War sites are experiencing a significant boost in traffic as events observing the 150th anniversary of the conflict take place. Safeguarding these distinctive locations from the expected wear and tear can prove challenging. When touring a National Battlefield or National Military Park, visitors should bear in mind some of these guidelines.

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Admire the monuments: The arm with sword atop the 11th Massachusetts Infantry at Gettysburg has been repaired after an act of vandalism. Visitors should admire these commemorative markers, but not climb upon them.


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