Yemeni Ramzi bin al Shibh appears in this courtroom sketch approved for release by a U.S. military security official. at his arraignment at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, Saturday, May 5. He appeared as an accused 9/11 co-conspirator. <br>Janet Hamlin, Miami Herald/MCT

Guantanamo prisoner, accused of being a 9/11 planner, held in isolation

Ramzi bin al Shibh has for years claimed that somebody is causing his cell to vibrate and making noises in a campaign of sleep deprivation reminiscent of his 2002-2006 abuse in CIA custody.

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Road to N. Korea's denuclearization is littered with failure

Bill Clinton offered oil and reactors. George W. Bush mixed threats and aid. Barack Obama stopped trying after a rocket launch. A look at previous negotiations with North Korea and how the currently planned talks between Seoul, Pyongyang and Washington took shape.