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Maduro's opponents brave tear gas in push to deliver aid

Venezuela's National Guard fired tear gas on residents clearing a barricaded border bridge between Venezuela and Colombia on Saturday, heightening tensions over blocked humanitarian aid that opposition leader Juan Guaido has vowed to bring into the country over objections from President Nicolas Maduro.

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middle east

Caliphate all but finished, but its online presence endures

As Islamic State's physical domain shrinks to nothing, its media presence is no longer the mighty propaganda powerhouse that once flooded social media with nearly 40 statements, videos and other media items a day. At the same time, Islamic State's media arm endures on a smaller scale, and has already adapted to the loss.

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Counting starts in Nigeria's delayed poll, after explosions

Nigerian security authorities said there was an attack in the northeast city of Maiduguri shortly before voting began on Saturday. Boko Haram militants "attempted to infiltrate" the state capital by launching artillery fire, likely to disrupt the elections, said a statement by Borno state police. Nigerian security forces earlier Saturday said the blasts had been their own in a show of force to deter militants.