Federal court denies cash awards to 22 million OPM data theft victims

A federal court has rejected a lawsuit seeking compensation for some 22 million federal employees, retirees and others whose personal information was stolen from two government databases.

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Iranian president: Trump comments at UN 'ignorant, absurd'

Iran's president warned the U.S. that his country will "respond decisively" to any violation of the agreement that reins in Tehran's nuclear program and called President Donald Trump's "ignorant, absurd and hateful rhetoric" about Iran unfit for the United Nations.

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After all the anxiety, Russia's Zapad exercise ends without a bang

The Russian military on Wednesday concluded its much-hyped Zapad exercise, which provoked months of hand-wringing among Western officials concerned about thousands of troops conducting war games near NATO territory.

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middle east

Afghan leader outlines US goal to wrest control from Taliban

President Ashraf Ghani tells NPR that the U.S. strategy is three-fold: double the size of the Afghan commando force, bolster Afghanistan's military airpower, and overhaul the military leadership as part of broader reform of Afghan security forces.

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US forces increase Somalia airstrikes amid uncertainty over future

An intensifying U.S. airstrike campaign against Somalia is unlikely by itself to defeat a resilient band of al-Qaida-aligned militants, a fact that could tempt the U.S. to wade deeper into a country faced with the departure of an African force that has offered protection for a decade.