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This week’s Pacific Spotlight shines on Paul Castillo, the president of Yokota’s HyRev Sports Car Club:

What kind of people belong to HyRev?

Car enthusiasts who enjoy getting together, working on their cars and attending racing and other motorsports events.

Fill in the blank: You first knew you were a car freak when …

I started messing around car audio equipment before I even had a license.

Fill in the blank: You know someone else is a car freak when …

To have something new for their car, they neglect themselves — like feeding themselves.

Which movie-star car (for example, Batmobile, Herbie, the General Lee) should have gotten an Oscar?

Herbie for sure — I don’t think so. Actually, it would have to be … my friend’s car in Tokyo. It’s making an appearance in the new “The Fast and The Furious” movie, which is still being filmed. It is an actual street car with a lot of modifications, about 800 horsepower — not some fake special-effects movie car. His car has done 335 km/h (about 208 mph) without the use of any Hollywood magic — no lie. It is a Nissan Skyline R34 V Spec that has been tuned and built by Top Secret out in Tokyo. This car would crush Herbie in a heartbeat.

What was your first car?

1979 Camaro Z28, American muscle.

What kind of car do you have now?

1996 Skyline GTR V-Spec Le Mans Limited.

What have you done to it?

Besides the basics (intake, exhaust, front pipe) 18 X 10 f/r Volk GT 7 rims, 275/35 f/r rubber, Apexi Power FC (aftermarket computer), HKS Hipermax 2 coil-over suspension, HKS SSQV blow-offs, increased boost to 1 bar (14 psi), color matched engine valve covers, new gauges, carbon fiber interior and little visual enhancements here and there.

When you’re not around cars, where will you likely be found?

Besides shopping for stuff for my car and looking at stuff I can’t afford for my car, spending time with my wife, Jie, and my 6-year-old son, Nathan.

If money were no object, which car would you own?

Probably a Bugati Veyron or a Porsche GT3. But it would be nice to own a Nissan Skyline Z-Tune GTR. They made fewer than 20 of them.

Have you ever “wrenched” (worked on your car) all night?

Yes, in preparation for our car show we hosted back in July. Another time was for the Friendship Festival when I displayed it at our booth along with two other club members’ GTRs.

What does your wife think about cars?

She likes them, perhaps not as much as I do, but she knows a lot about them.

When you feel the need for speed, what’s your favorite off-road venue?

We (HyRev Car Club) like going to several hang-out spots in and around Tokyo to look at other people’s rides and see how they have modified them.

What do cars represent to people, that they love them so much?

It has to do with the amount of work, time and dedication they put into their cars. … When you choose to do a particular thing to your car, it shows your individual personality.

Paul Castillo

Age: 29

Title: President, HyRev Car Club at Yokota Air Base, Japan

Day job: Information technologist

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