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STUTTGART, Germany — A military policeman on Tuesday was sentenced to three months in jail for committing adultery and indecent acts and threatening his sex partner, a woman of a lower rank.

Army Sgt. Corbin R. Timberman, 25, of the 554th Military Police Company also received a bad-conduct discharge and was reduced in rank to private. The married father of three was not punished financially.

The judge, Denise Lind, found Timberman not guilty of maltreatment of a subordinate.

The court-martial detailed how Timberman and other soldiers in the 554th participated in several sessions of group sex in 2004-2005 with a 19-year-old private first class who testified she was too uncomfortable to report the events up her chain of command.

Timberman’s attorneys said the private, who has since been discharged from the Army, had ample sexual-harassment training to know how to report the events, and portrayed her as a willing participant, a liar and an unfit soldier.

Prosecutors said Timberman, as a higher-ranking soldier, took advantage of his position and role as a mentor to the private.

The private said she believed that Timberman, who at one time was her team leader, was still her team leader, and that his supervisor was one of Timberman’s close friends.

“There was nobody I felt comfortable to go to to talk about it,” she testified.

Further testimony indicated that Timberman was no longer her team leader when he had sex with her.

Timberman, of Sundance, Wyo., did not take the witness stand during the trial, but he offered personal background during unsworn, pre-sentencing testimony.

According to testimony, at about 3 a.m. on Feb. 26, 2005, Timberman went to the private’s room on Panzer Casern in the Stuttgart suburb of Böblingen. Outside, another soldier, a staff sergeant who had recently returned from a deployment to Iraq, was waiting.

Timberman repeatedly asked the private, who was on restriction to stay on the base, to do him a “favor,” and come with him to the staff sergeant’s off-base apartment. After about 15 minutes, she relented, according to her testimony.

“If you didn’t want to do it, you should have said, ‘no,’ ” said Timberman’s attorney, Lance Sigmon.

“I did say, ‘no,’ sir,” replied the former private.

Timberman and the woman left her barracks through a back door and took a cab to the staff sergeant’s residence, where the three had sex over several hours.

The private then returned by cab to the barracks, where she arrived 45 minutes late for her job. A desk officer said Timberman phoned and vouched for the private’s whereabouts, saying she was shopping with him.

The private said she was eventually persuaded by another sergeant to come forward with her story.

In April 2005, after an investigation had begun, the private testified that Timberman, while on duty and wearing his MP armband, came to her room said he would “kill” her if she cooperated with the investigation.


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