Seaman Apprentice Brent Honda

Seaman Apprentice Brent Honda ()

Name: Brent Honda

Age: 21

Hometown: Mundelein, Ill.

Rank: Seaman apprentice

(Day job: Deck seaman, landing craft, Assault Craft Unit 1, Sasebo Naval Base, Japan)

How and why did your fascination with computers begin?

Friend got a new computer … was the coolest thing I’ve seen … this was when I was 13, just as Windows 95 came out.

What was your first computer?

It was one my dad brought home from work. … it had one of the very first Pentiums in it.

What’s the most extreme computer box you’ve ever seen?

I’ve seen one that was made outta a desk or the Echo 1 from Ghostbusters.

Describe the ultimate computer you’d like to build.

The ultimate computer would probably only last about six months before it’s outdated so I can’t really tell you that until the market for computers comes to a slowdown.

What won’t you deploy without?

A notebook … and soap.

“Tomb Raider” the game or “Tomb Raider” the movie: Which is better?

“Tomb raider” the movie.

What is the most difficult task in keeping a nice computer zipping along without problems?

Avoiding virus, junk mail and hackers.

When you’re doing a long stretch at the computer, what’s your favorite junk/energy food?


More people are getting into networking their computers. How could this change everyday life?

Playing more video games with buddies that are right next to you; making and editing movies.

When you’re not around computers or on a landing craft, where can you most likely be found?

Partying with friends.

The computer game “World of Warcraft:” Waste of time or time to waste?

Time to waste.

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