For some, it takes only six words to sum up what it was like to serve in Vietnam. “Those damn rockets at Khe Sanh” … “Didn’t want to know their names” … “The stifling humidity, heat and smells” … “At times palpable and overwhelming fear.” For others, the memories take more time to unravel, with passages full of exact dates and names and ranks and, mostly, unhappy endings.




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As Stars and Stripes looks at the monumental moments, actions and people from the Vietnam War on its 50th anniversary, we struggle to do justice to the life-changing war.

So we’re hoping our readers can make sense of it.

In six words.

It’s not a new concept. Two Army veterans launched the Six Word War project, a crowd-sourced memoir of Iraq and Afghanistan.

We want to do the same for Vietnam.

We’re looking for descriptions in six words of your Vietnam War experiences, at home or on the front lines. Whether you served, protested or lived the war through someone in your family.

We’ll publish the results as part of our Vietnam at 50 project. Please submit your six words using the form below, through Twitter with the tag #Vietnam6Words, or on our Facebook page