Wayne A. Lehmann
Air Force

Was Crash Rescue (Fire Department). Had only been in country about a month. Christmas truce till midnight. Had a thing called “line stand-by,” where a crash truck and crew parked along the runway in case there was an aircraft in trouble.

My crew was on line for two hours and the next crew replaced us. When we returned to the station, while we were out, the other guys broke out all the things they got from home — decorations and food, candy and cookies.

The usual Christmas meal was brought to us on duty, since we couldn't leave the station. A chaplin joined us. One of the guys had a record player and Christmas music playing.

There weren’t any doors on the station for the crash trucks. Flight line was one way and a clear view of a rice paddy was in the other direction.

About 500 yards to barbed wire fence in front of it. Everything was going fine, until 2 helo gunships flew over the station by about 50 feet heading toward the paddy.

It got about 200 yards over the paddy and started opening fire. We had great view of all of it. They caught a V.C. mortar crew setting us up.

The reason this stick in my mind is while we watched the whole thing a Christmas carol by Dean Martin was playing. Watching them firing, we were listening to "I'll Be Home for Christmas."

To this day Christmas songs bring back that vision. Especially if it's Deano!

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