Roy L. Whittaker

This is my dad's story. We owned K.W. Tailor Shop at the main gate to Ft. Benning. During the Vietnam era, my father was an instructor at the Infantry School.

He was already a veteran of Korea, and had been wounded so badly on Old Baldy, that he spent a year in the hospital in Japan.

My father taught tactics until the mid-60's when the Army had no choice but to start sending their seasoned senior NCOs to Vietnam.

My father arrived just in time for Teit. When he finished his tour, (and he won't discuss in country at all) he came home via Hawaii, as all the soldier's did.

He became alarmed that there were people calling him baby killer and parents were shielding their children from him and finally arriving in California, someone spit on him and his uniform.

He came home a broken man. My father was sent again to Vietnam and was in Hue when Laos fell. After Vietnam, my father retired and joined the rest of the family in the tailor shop and took care of soldiers until two years after 9-11 when the post closed our gate.

We lost 10 employees overnight. My mom and dad went to work every day down a dead end street in a construction zone to care for their beloved Rangers.

Once the gate re-opened 2 years later... Ranger Joe bought my parents out and shut down the Shop. It is still there at the old main gate, with all our signage.

We miss our soldiers very much. My father is now 85 and still dearly loves the U.S. Army.

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