R. Pearsall - Marines

Thanksgiving Day soldiers' meal on the FEBA (front lines): Chicken on a Can

1. Take one MRE (Meal, Ready to Eat).

2. Separate salt, pepper, Tabasco sauce, fruits and veggies from three other meals.

3. Capture one chicken (please pay farmer for chicken). Skin or pluck and gut said chicken; set aside or save heart and giblets if wanted.

4. Take one six pack of beer, separating one can.

5. Drink half of one can, saving the rest.

6. Take half can of beer and add 1 ounce of Tabasco sauce and add salt, pepper. Season outside of chicken.

7. Put can of beer and spices up chicken’s caboose.

8. Put on grill, open fire or officer’s field stove for one hour or 90 minutes.

9. Sit down and share remaining beers with fire team while chicken cooks.

10. Take remaining fruits and veggies and mix together on officer’s field stove, because he still doesn’t know it’s missing. Grill or heat up over open fire.

11. Use Ka-Bar or bayonet to cut up chicken. Put into canteen cup and use issued spoon/fork to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner. Remember to use MRE plastic toothpick to clean teeth when done.

12. Remember to clean all implements and properly dispose of throw-away items. Make sure to replace officer's field stove without being caught.

13. Save last gulp of beer to honor comrades who have gone before and paid the price.



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