Joe Becerra Jr. - Army

In 1967, we landed on the military air base at Bien Hoa in south Vietnam, which was under mortor attack. The receiving Detachment NCO instructed us to to run for the bunkers as we left the plane. Part of the in-processing was to prepare a will from Bien Hoa.

We were transported by C-130 to our receiving units while flying over the central highlands. At night, our C-130 came under fire from NVA anti-aircraft artilliary. We managed to fly over the highlands without getting hit. In January 1968, I was at Camp Alpha in Saigon processing out on my way for an R&R to the Phillipines when the Tet Offensive started.

The NVA and Viet Cong started with constant day and night rocket attacks of Saigon. At the same time our planes are dropping napalm on the NVA and Viet Cong units in and around Saigon. Many casulties on both sides that day.

I never left Saigon on my R&R, instead I flew out by chopper back to my unit. Tet had started and nobody was leaving south Vietnam - not if you were military. The French were there for over a century; we were there for a decade and for what?



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