Gerald Lee Green - Air Force

I was an USAF security policeman over there from 1972-73. The day before I came back was pretty uneventful; it was Feb. 5, 1973. My roommate and I went to the theater and saw "Lady Sings the Blues" with Diana Ross. While watching the movie we heard an ambulance siren going to the hospital next door. I was at Tan Son Nhut AFB. All the hair on my arm stood straight up, so I knew something was wrong. After the movie we decided to get something to eat then go to the club. At the club I kept looking for a good friend of mine who should have been there. Everyone told me to go ask this one airman about him. When I did I found out that he and three others were in a jeep on the base perimeter road and swerved to miss a dog and the jeep rolled. He was driving and was killed. One guy had a sprained ankle and the other two didn't get hurt. That threw cold water on the party. I still haven't gotten over it.



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