SPECIAL REPORT | Budget 2018




ARMY DEPARTMENT OF THE NAVY AIR FORCE FY18 FY18 FY18 FY17 FY17 FY17 $171,510,930 $146,300,000 $166,100,000 +1,408 NAVY +574 USMC +5,800 AIR FORCE - ARMY


Trump pledges to build icebreakers, but it's unclear if plan differs from Obama's

President Donald Trump pledged to build icebreaker ships that the Coast Guard has long sought to navigate polar waterways, but offered no details about how they will be funded or whether his vision differs fundamentally from a plan established during the Obama administration.

Navy chief says US needs more ships fast to stay credible

America needs more warships -- and must build them faster -- to keep up with other countries that are spending heavily on maritime prowess, according to the U.S. Navy's chief of operations.


Trump, Republicans target ‘overly generous compensation’ for feds

With President Donald Trump targeting federal employees' retirement programs and House Republicans taking aim at their compensation generally, Uncle Sam's goal of being a model employer looks shaky.

Buying 3 carriers at once could save $1.5 billion, cut 2 years off production, shipyard says

The only shipyard to build aircraft carriers in the United States says the Navy's vision for building them more frequently could save $1.5 billion for every three carriers built and reduce construction time for each by up to two years.

Navy says short-notice PCS moves will continue for families

Sailors should expect less notice — just two months — when it’s time for them to move to a new duty station, the Navy announced Monday.