CAMP CASEY, South Korea — Burly, steely and topped with a high-and-tight crew cut, Staff Sgt. James Sowers looked the part of every tough guy movie sergeant — except for his tears.

Pfc. Kevin Sowers sat 15 feet away in the defendant’s chair with his head bowed an inch from the table, unable to watch his father’s 20 minutes of testimony.

“I’m just ... this is not how I envisioned Kevin’s future would turn out,” James Sowers said of his son, who was convicted on 31 specifications of theft-related crimes, disobeying orders and bringing discredit to the armed forces during a court-martial at Camp Casey on Wednesday.

Military Judge Col. Gregory Gross sentenced Kevin Sowers to 18 months in prison, forfeiture of all pay and a rank reduction to E-1, with credit for 141 days served in pretrial confinement.

A rape charge against Sowers, who is attached to the 2nd Infantry Division’s 1st Battalion, 15th Field Artillery, Bravo Battery, was dropped prior to Wednesday’s trial after the alleged victim declined to testify.

Sowers says he stole from two soldiers’ bank accounts and defied his commander’s orders after falling for a bargirl working in “The Ville” outside Casey’s main gate in Dongducheon. The woman became Sowers’ fiancee.

“I fell in love with a woman and wanted to make her happy,” Sowers said after apologizing. “I just made wrong decisions.”

Sowers is the latest soldier to be convicted at a court-martial for stealing to spend money on a bargirl fiancee.

On April 28, Pfc. Michael Glassman Jr. said he stole and pawned body armor and several other items to pay for his fiancee’s engagement ring.

On July 10, Sowers stole Pfc. Derek Pinkston’s debit card, Sowers told the court. He used the card over the next two days to by drinks for his fiancee at Focus Club, where she works.

He later paid for her meals, jewelry and pictures at other businesses.

Prosecutors charged Sowers with larceny for each instance he used the debit card.

Sowers was confined to post by company commander Capt. Daniel Grieve on August 2 after investigators suspected Sowers of stealing Pinkston’s debit card.

Sowers disobeyed the order and left post at least five times, according to court documents.

Sowers wasn’t done yet, according to testimony.

He stole three checks from his friend Pfc. John Nagel in October and made two of them out to himself for $300 and another for $600.

Sowers also made out six $100 checks to Pfc. Derek Jensen, which Jensen then cashed at the Camp Casey post exchange.

Sowers did not have sufficient funds in his account at the time. He also allowed Jensen to keep $80 out of the $600 he received.

“It’s amazing what a young man will do for love, or what he believes is love,” defense counsel Maj. Robert Kincaid said during the trial’s sentencing phase. “That doesn’t excuse what Pvt. Sowers did, but it helps us understand what he did.”

Prosecutor Capt. Marlin Paschal asked the court to sentence Sowers to 31 months in prison — one month for each count. Sowers faced a maximum sentence of 20 years.

“If you knew Pfc. Sowers … there was as good a chance he would steal from you as he would buy you a drink,” Paschal said. “And if he bought you a drink, chances are it was with someone else’s money.”

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