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As VA works to implement appeals reform, GI Bill problems cast doubts

12 December 2018

this year. Issues with the new “Forever” GI Bill cast a pall over a House... Forever GI Bill.” The VA missed an Aug. 1 deadline to implement part of the... Forever GI Bill – a major expansion of veterans’ education benefits Congress approved in 2017. When the

When it comes to helping GIs, talk is cheap

12 December 2018

the GI Bill. Notably, however, even this seminal legislation spawned controversy in both houses of... Congress. The GI Bill reflected how, by and large, World War II veterans received

Senator calls on VA, credit bureaus to prevent lasting consequences from GI Bill delays

6 December 2018

August to implement part of the new “Forever” GI Bill, which Congress approved last year. The issue... are used by GI Bill recipients to pay for their rent, bills, food and other living expenses... , said Robert Worley, the VA official who, until recently, led the implementation of the new GI Bill

VA says it reversed course on underpaid GI Bill recipients, though lawmakers remain skeptical

3 December 2018

GI Bill recipient will get what they are due. The statement from Wilkie on... result of setbacks in implementing a new “Forever” GI Bill — a major expansion of veterans’ education... benefits that Congress passed last year. Part of the new GI Bill changed how

The Daily Show blasts VA over GI Bill payment fiasco

30 November 2018

The Daily Show blasts VA over GI Bill payment fiasco... technology failure when the VA went to implement part of the “Forever” GI Bill – a major expansion of... also delved into the controversies that arose this week about whether GI Bill recipients who were

Confusion reigns over retroactive payments for underpaid GI Bill recipients

29 November 2018

next year are a result of setbacks in implementing a new “Forever” GI Bill – a major expansion of... veterans who, under the new GI Bill, should be getting larger stipends based on their location. Instead, he... . When Lawrence said, “Each and every veteran on the post-9/11 GI Bill will be made 100 percent whole

VA announces new plan to fix GI Bill payment problems

28 November 2018

in implementing part of the “Forever” GI Bill – a major extension of veterans’ education benefits... new GI Bill changed calculations for veterans’ housing allowances. The law now requires the allowances... . Like it was before the new GI Bill, their housing allowances will be based on the location of their

At Texas VA office, staffers strive to make a difference in veterans' lives

29 November 2018

development, used part of the G.I. Bill to earn her degrees between deployments. She has been working at the... would get life experience and then continue her education on the G.I. Bill. The next thing she... within 125 days. U.S. Rep. Bill Flores, R-Bryan, said his office was flooded with complaints

VA officials say they were blindsided by computer problems, process changes on GI Bill payments

21 November 2018

, the Department of Veteran Affairs saw its pending claims inventory from Post-9/11 GI Bill participants... and 1,000 are more than 60 days old, violating the VA standard to process GI Bill claims within 28... that added mind-boggling complexity to a GI Bill allowance, depending on where, when and how students

‘Medal of Honor’ series is veteran-made, from lighting to action

20 November 2018

training he received in the service and in college on the G.I. Bill afterward, he said

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