Recent stories about sexual assault in the military

Marine Special Operations members face manslaughter charges after brawl in Iraq

A contractor's 2019 death is at the center of military trials of the sailor and the two Marines, all members of the elite Marine Forces Special Operations Command.

She was a pioneering Coast Guard rescue swimmer; a tsunami of sexual harassment followed

Sara Faulkner had the “it” factor as the first woman to graduate from the Coast Guard’s helicopter rescue swimmer school in North Carolina. But her story had a bitter end, she says, after sexual harassment saddled her with PTSD and forced the 20-year service member into retirement.

Female veterans demand action from House lawmakers to stop sexual harassment, assault in the military

Two female veterans who experienced sexual harassment and assault in the military called on House leaders to take steps to protect service members after the disappearance and killing of Army Spc. Vanessa Guillen at Fort Hood, Texas.

At hearing on military harassment, concerns about sex abuse in Coast Guard are aired

The Coast Guard drew the ire of Congress when Adm. Karl Schultz, the commandant, did not attend and sent an underling, Vice Adm. Michael McAllister, said he knew of no widespread problem of sexual abuse or harassment in the Coast Guard.

Army says Fort Hood sex assault-harassment program meets service standards, but lawmakers argue changes must be made

House committee members held the hearing Wednesday as a response to the Vanessa Guillen case at Fort Hood and the stories told by thousands of people on social media about their own experiences with sexual harassment and assault while serving in the military.

Accusers say rape jokes, 'old boys club' part of culture at Horsham's Air National Guard Station

Marianne Bustin, who served as the sexual assault response coordinator, says that working with the commanders in the 111th Attack Wing was like going back to an era where Top Gun-style male chauvinism was encouraged, sexual harassment and discrimination were rampant, and #MeToo never happened.

Sentencing for midshipman guilty of sexual assault delayed due to coronavirus

The sentencing for Nixon Keago will be delayed three weeks as the defendant was showing signs of COVID-19. Keago was found guilty on charges of sexual assault, attempted sexual assault, burglary and obstruction of justice.

DNA identifies California 1968 homicide victim and suspect

A homicide mystery that haunted Southern California police detectives for 52 years used genetic genealogy to identify the young woman who was slain and a now-deceased man who is suspected of being the killer, authorities said Thursday.

Naval Academy midshipman found guilty on all but one charge in sexual assault court-martial

Midshipman Third Class Nixon Keago was found guilty of sexual assault, attempted sexual assault, burglary and obstruction of justice. He has been found not guilty of two counts of attempted sexual assault, one of which the judge had ruled on before it reached the jury.

House lawmakers to hold hearing to review the killing of Army Spc. Vanessa Guillen

The killing of Army Spc. Vanessa Guillen will be examined next week during a House hearing designed to review sexual harassment and assault in the military and what led to the disappearance and death of the soldier at Fort Hood, Texas.

Lawmakers blast VA for estimate of years needed to change ‘inconsistent’ sexual harassment policies

House lawmakers blasted the Department of Veterans Affairs on Wednesday after officials estimated it would take years to fix the way the VA handles allegations of sexual harassment among its workforce.

Retired Col. Kathy Spletstoser is suing Joint Chiefs vice chairman Gen. John Hyten in federal court

A victory in a sexual assault lawsuit Spletstoser filed against Hyten in federal court would be the equivalent of a major legal earthquake that could possibly set precedent for other service members, permitting them to sue their commanders in federal court for damages.

Lawmakers, advocates urge change after the killing of Spc. Vanessa Guillen

Lawmakers and advocates called for change Tuesday to the military’s handling of sexual harassment and assaults and described the recent killing of a female soldier as a “watershed moment” and a “reckoning” against a scourge of sexual violence in the armed forces.

U.S. Senate confirms Maj. Gen. Jon Jensen as next Army National Guard director

Maj. Gen. Jon Jensen was promoted to director of the Army National Guard after a Senate vote on Monday.

3,000 Aviano airmen stand down for ‘raw’ discussions on racism

The day was a first step in what will be on ongoing effort to eradicate discrimination in the Air Force and at Aviano, said Brig. Gen. Jason Bailey, the wing’s newly arrived commander.

Guillen family attends Fort Hood memorial, sees the room where Spc. Vanessa Guillen likely died

This month, the Guillen family and their lawyer plan to release details of the #IAmVanessaGuillen bill, which will create an independent agency where service members could report instances of sexual assault and harassment.

Similarities emerge as third victim testifies in Naval Academy midshipman's trial

The courtroom could almost be described as a chess game between the defense and the government attorneys. But on Thursday, due to the limited time on the record, it was mostly the prosecution’s turn.

Fake flag burning at Gettysburg was only the latest hoax by a Pennsylvania man

A Washington Post examination of Adam Rahuba's activities provides a rare inside look at the work of a homegrown troll who uses social media to stoke partisan division.

Family of slain Army Spc. Vanessa Guillen to meet with Trump

The meeting is scheduled for July 29, the day before the Guillen family's lawyer is scheduled to stand in front of the U.S. Capitol and introduce #IamVanessaGuillen legislation to address sexual harassment and assault in the military.

As government lays down timeline of sexual assault at Naval Academy, defense sows seeds of doubt

February 2018. September 2018. October 2018. May 2019. These are the times when Midshipman 3rd Class Nixon Keago allegedly sexually assaulted and attempted to sexually assault three midshipmen.

A Marine's family wants the military to help her cope with a sexual assault. Instead, she’s in a brig.

Cpl. Thae Ohu has struggled in the five years since she says she was sexually assaulted by a fellow Marine. She attempted suicide earlier this year. Now she’s in the brig.

Suspect in slaying of Fort Hood Army Spc. Vanessa Guillen pleads not guilty; bail denied

Authorities have accused Cecily Anne Aguilar of helping her boyfriend, Spc. Aaron David Robinson, dismember and dispose of Spc. Vanessa Guillen’s body after Robinson killed her inside an armory room at the post.

Panel selected for Naval Academy midshipman's court-martial on sex assault charges

Midshipman 3rd Class Nixon Keago is charged with sexual assault, attempted sexual assault, obstruction of justice and burglary stemming from at least three different incidences, according to charging documents.

New Mexico protesters call for justice in Vanessa Guillén case

Between espressos and craft honey, Saturday morning at the Santa Fe Farmers Market was, if just for a few minutes, interrupted by cries for justice for Pfc. Vanessa Guillén, whose remains were found in late June more than two months after she went missing from Fort Hood, Texas.

Army secretary orders independent review panel on climate and culture at Fort Hood

The Army had previously maintained it had no credible information to Spc. Vanessa Guillen family’s allegations of sexual harassment — but speaking to reporters Friday, investigators now believe Guillen could have faced some form of harassment before she was killed.

Jury selection for Naval Academy midshipman's sexual assault trial shows steps to prevent coronavirus spread

The court-martial against Naval Academy Midshipman 3rd Class Nixon Keago will feature far more breaks than normal. Such is a court-martial during a pandemic.

Retired Army general admits to molesting daughter when she was young

Former Army Maj. Gen. James Grazioplene spent about 18 months behind bars and will now serve 20 years probation for aggravated sexual battery and admitted to abusing his daughter during the 1980s.

Trial for midshipman charged with sexual assault opens Thursday

3rd Class Midshipman Nixon Keago allegedly sexually assaulted or attempted to sexually assault midshipmen while at the Naval Academy and also once in New York, according to court documents.

‘We are all angry:’ Female veterans take action after Spc. Vanessa Guillen’s death to stop discrimination in military

No justice, no enlistment. That’s the call from a group of female veterans in the wake of the slaying of Fort Hood soldier Spc. Vanessa Guillen, whose remains were found mutilated and buried at the hands of another soldier miles from the central Texas base where she served.

'I love to be aggressive': Marine adopted from Russia driven to excel

Cpl. Veronika “Nika” Gottschalk was adopted at 6, and has shown drive and determination on her path to the Marine Corps.

Former Wisconsin Air National Guard officer under fire for Vanessa Guillen comments says they were taken out of context

Betsy Schoeller, a former Wisconsin Air National Guard officer, posted comments on Facebook about Army soldier Vanessa Guillen's death, saying sexual harassment is the price of admission for women in the military.


Biden's top African American aide faces pressure from all sides

The campaign deploys her to marquee shows like "Fox News Sunday" to make the case for Biden. She has been dispatched to reassure voters when Biden makes tone-deaf comments. Internally, she advises Biden on a wide-range of issues, including his response when a crisis erupts in the country's rapidly shifting racial justice landscape.

Sexual harassment program at Fort Hood under investigation following Vanessa Guillen case

Questions have been raised about the Fort Hood Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention Program following the disappearance of 20-year-old Spc. Vanessa Guillen from Fort Hood’s 3rd Cavalry Regiment on April 22. She had previously reported sexual harassment to her superiors.

Lawmaker introduces Brandon Act to improve troops’ access to mental health care

The underlying goal of the Brandon Act is to create a pathway for service members to seek mental health care in confidence, without disclosing it to their command.

Senate confirms Trump's 200th judicial nominee, a legacy that will last well-beyond November

The confirmation of President Donald Trump's 200th judicial nominee reflects the breakneck speed at which he and fellow Republicans have moved to create a legacy that will endure past the November election.

House panel's NDAA proposals: 3% pay boost, protections for sex-assault victims, fight against extremism

A key House subcommittee plans to give U.S. troops a 3% pay boost next year as the lower chamber of Congress drafts portions of its 2021 version of the bill that sets Pentagon policy and spending priorities, congressional staffers said Monday.

Building unity: Yokosuka sailors talk through recent race-related events on Juneteenth

A panel of sailors and family members gathered at Yokosuka’s headquarters to discuss racism.

Divided Senate confirms Trump's nominee for DC appeals court

Judge Justin Walker was confirmed by the Senate Thursday for the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit.

Senate candidate in Nebraska urged to drop out after sexually graphic texts about staffer

The Democratic candidate challenging Republican U.S. Sen. Ben Sasse in Nebraska lost the backing of the state party Monday after it was revealed that he’d made graphic sexual comments about a campaign staffer in a group text.

Dozens gather at Fort Hood to demand answers in case of missing soldier

Pfc. Vanessa Guillen, 20, was last seen in the middle of a work day on April 22 in the parking lot of the Regimental Engineer Squadron Headquarters at Fort Hood. The soldier's identification card, wallet and the keys to her car and base apartment were later found in the armory room where she had been earlier in the day.

Minneapolis withdraws from police union negotiations

The Minneapolis Police Department will withdraw from police union contract negotiations, Chief Medaria Arradondo said Wednesday in announcing the first steps in what he said would be transformational reforms to the agency in the wake of George Floyd's death.

Senate panel supports 3% pay boost for troops in 2021

The 3% pay raise, which if approved would go into effect in January, matches what the White House proposed in its budget recommendation. Troops received a 3.1% boost in pay last year.

Women are making up more of the military, but are more likely to leave early, new report says

Defense Department officials have indicated increasing female recruitment and retention rates are important to ensure diversity within the ranks — especially since the Pentagon opened all jobs and units to women in 2015.

Man sought in Arizona child-sex crime is arrested at Nellis AFB

A fugitive task force on Tuesday arrested a contractor at Nellis Air Force Base on a warrant for an alleged sex crime with a child, according to the U.S. Marshals Service.

GAO: Pentagon hasn’t delivered on promises to combat sexual harassment and assault

In 2011, the Government Accountability Office urged the Pentagon to start formally monitoring how military leaders were doing in combating sexual harassment and assault. More than eight years later, neither job has been accomplished, the GAO reported this week.

Seeing pandemic worsen domestic violence, NY couple donate $2 million

As hedge fund manager Boaz Weinstein watched markets roiled by the coronavirus pandemic, his wife, Tali Farhadian Weinstein, general counsel of the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office, was hearing about the human toll on survivors of domestic violence.

Biden accuser Tara Reade gives on-camera interview to Megyn Kelly

The woman who has accused Joe Biden of sexually assaulting her decades ago repeated her allegation on Thursday, after the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee unequivocally denied her claim last week.

Pentagon: Reports of sexual assault, harassment in the military have increased

The Defense Department’s fiscal year 2019 report on sexual assault in the military said there were 7,825 sexual assault reports involving service members as victims or subjects, a 3% increase compared to 2018.

FBI documents reveal communication between Stone, Assange

Weeks after Robert Mueller was appointed special counsel in the Russia investigation, Roger Stone, a confidant of President Donald Trump, reassured WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in a Twitter message that if prosecutors came after him, "I will bring down the entire house of cards," according to FBI documents made public Tuesday.

US inspector general for Afghanistan says problems it identified aren’t being addressed

The Pentagon has followed less than half of recent recommendations made by the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction, a report by the watchdog group released Thursday said.

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