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CAMP FOSTER, Okinawa — A court-martial began here Monday for an Army staff sergeant accused of raping a private first class twice — the second time after crawling through her barracks room window.

Staff Sgt. Kelvin L. Stanfield, 33, assigned to the 10th Area Support Group at Torii Station, is charged with two counts of rape, burglary and adultery. He pleaded not guilty to the charges during a pretrial hearing last week.

The alleged victim, who has been transferred to Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri, testified for three hours, at times crying as she recounted being attacked twice by Stanfield. She said the first incident occurred May 21 when the staff sergeant sneaked into her bed and forced himself on her.

The attack allegedly occurred after a party in Stanfield’s barracks room on Torii Station, where junior enlisted soldiers drank with noncommissioned officers. The woman said she had returned to her room and was asleep when she awoke to find Stanfield standing near her bed.

“I don’t know how he got into the room,” she said. “But he walked to my bed and got under the covers.”

She said she told him “no,” and told him she was married.

She did not yell for help from her roommate, who was in her bed on the other side of a wall of lockers.

“I felt dirty, violated,” she said, crying.

She did not report the incident.

“I was in denial,” she said. “I was ashamed. I was scared.”

She said she tried to forget about it and “act normal.” Then, on June 3, Stanfield allegedly attacked her again.

Earlier that night, she testified, she needed to use a computer to check e-mail from her family — her 8-year-old son and husband live in the U.S. Since she was new to Okinawa, she did not have her own computer and went to use Stanfield’s. She said she felt safe.

“Other people were in the room, so I didn’t believe he would come on to me,” she said.

According to witnesses, the woman had several drinks while waiting to use the computer and slept briefly on Stanfield’s bed. Later, another staff sergeant walked her back to her room.

That night, after she went to bed, she said she was awakened by the rustling of the Venetian blinds on her roommate’s side of the first-floor barracks room. Then she saw Stanfield walk toward her bed and slip under the covers.

“He said that he wanted to have sex and I told him, no, I had a family,” she testified, her voice breaking as she wiped a tear from her left eye. “I kept saying no and he kept saying, ‘Come on, Mama. Give me a little, Mama.’ ”

As she described what happened, she picked up a water bottle from the witness stand and showed how Stanfield held her and pressed her down on the bed.

She reported the incident to her supervisor the next day. Army investigators searched her room and found that the window had been opened, the Venetian blinds were crushed in places and there were mud tracks leading from the windowsill across the floor to her bedside.

A search of Stanfield’s room turned up a pair of muddy sneakers.

In her opening statement, defense lawyer Capt. Pia Rogers said the sex was consensual both times. She said the private danced provocatively at the party in Stanfield’s room the night of May 20, showing off how she can do a split and rubbing herself suggestively with a beer bottle.

Rogers said the encounter in the woman’s room on June 3 was prearranged and that Stanfield came into the room through the window because the door had been locked and he didn’t want to wake anyone else up.

Stanfield did not testify. In a signed statement made to an investigator, he said the May 21 encounter was consensual but that he crept through the window on June 3 without intending to have sex.

“We just sat there and talked,” he told Special Agent Greg Nix. “And then it just happened.”

Nix said Stanfield was “very cooperative, open and friendly,” during the interrogation. “He told me he talked to her and was hoping to have sex.”

Lead defense attorney James Culp attacked Nix’s testimony, asking why it was not noted on his report that Stanfield at first denied all of the allegations and only signed a statement after being interrogated for over an hour.

Testimony in the case wrapped up Monday evening. The case was expected to go to the jury panel of three officers and four senior enlisted members Tuesday.


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