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1. This message replaces the guidance in AFI 36-2903, figure 2.6, and will be incorporated in the update of AFI 36-2903 currently under rewrite. For purposes of this message, PTU refers to the existing PT uniform items and IPTU refers to the improved PT uniform items that will be available, in limited quantities, later this year.

2. Effective immediately, individual items that make up the PTU and IPTU are considered uniform items. Wear is mandatory during physical fitness assessments (pfa) and while participating in organized PT events as designated by the commander. In addition, if PTU/IPTU items are worn during individual/personal PT, the following guidelines apply (exceptions noted):

A. Commanders determine the required PTU/IPTU configuration during organized PT events.

B. Reflective belts, reflective armbands, etc. Are required during periods of low light conditions when wearing the optional running shorts as part of the PTU/IPTU. Reflective belts, armbands, etc are optional when wearing combinations of the standard issue PTU/IPTU items that contain reflective material on the top and bottom garments.

C. Footwear: conservative (plain, no bright/loud colors or excessive ornamentation) athletic shoes will be worn.

D. Socks: will be white and may have small trademark logos.

E. PTU/IPTU jacket: will be zipped at least halfway between the waistband and collar. Sleeves will end within 1-inch of the wrist.

F. PTU/IPTU running pants: waistband will rest at or within two inches of the natural waistline. Both pant legs will extend below the ankles and will be zipped to within one inch of the bottom.

G. PTU/IPTU running shorts (with reflective material) and optional IPTU running shorts (without reflective material): waistband will rest at or within two inches of the natural waistline.

H. Short-sleeved PTU/IPTU shirt: will be tucked into shorts or running pants at all times. Do not remove or cut sleeves.

I. Optional long-sleeved IPTU shirt: will be tucked into the PTU/IPTU shorts or running pants at all times. Do not push up, remove, or cut sleeves.

J. Optional IPTU sweatshirt: will extend no lower than 6 inches below the natural waist line. Do not push up, remove, or cut sleeves.

K. Appropriate undergarments are required to be worn with all PTU/IPTU combinations.

L. Spandex: both short and full length solid black or dark blue spandex may be worn and visible under both the PTU/IPTU and optional running shorts.

M. Headgear: installation commanders may authorize wear of a solid black or dark blue baseball/sport cap with the air force symbol or “u.s. Air force” printed/embroidered on the front during organized PT; also authorized during individual PT. If authorized, caps to be worn outdoors only. (bandanas and other similar head-scarves/headgear are not authorized unless due to medical waiver condition)

N. Cold weather accessories: may be worn outdoors only:

1) knit watch cap: will be plain, solid black, dark blue, or sage green without logos (bandanas and other similar head-scarves/headgear are not authorized unless due to medical waiver condition)

2) gloves: will be plain, solid black or dark blue without logos.

3) scarf and earmuffs: will be solid black or dark blue; earmuffs may wrap around either the top or rear of the head.

4) green or black fleece is not authorized to be worn with the PTU/IPTU.

O. Do not mix/match the current PTU running suit jacket and running suit pants with the IPTU jacket and pants. All other combinations authorized.

P. The lining in the PTU/IPTU shorts may be removed, however, do not modify the other PTU/IPTU items such as removal of the sleeves.

Q. PTU/IPTU items are authorized for wear with conservative civilian/personal attire during individual/personal PT or while off-duty (e.g. PT shirt with personal shorts/pants, PT jacket with personal shirt/pants/shorts, etc.). No civilian/personal items with offensive wording, graphics or photos are to be worn with the PTU/IPTU items at any time.

R. Headphones and earphones (iPods, etc.) Are authorized while in the fitness center or on designated running areas unless prohibited by the installation commander.

S. All personal grooming standards apply while participating in physical fitness activities (refer to AFI 36-2903 table 1.5) with one exception: long female hair will be secured but may have loose ends; body art (tattoos) and jewelry standards apply (refer to 36-2903 table 2.5).

T. Proper military customs and courtesies honoring the flag during reveille/retreat will apply (this means coming to full attention and rendering the proper military salute when outdoors). Saluting due to rank recognition is not required when wearing the PTU.

U. Exceptions:

1) for accessions, pme and academic training environments (e.g. USAFA, ROTC, OTS, ASBC, SOS, BMT), commanders (or equivalent) will determine which PT events are organized. In these environments, students and staff may wear unit-specific PT gear to meet necessary training requirements (e.g. Staff/student distinction, student squadron affiliation, etc.).

2) wear policy for the PTU/IPTU in a deployed environment can be further defined by the air force forces’ commander specific to that area of responsibility (AOR).

3. Installation commanders may temporarily adjust wear policy to address immediate safety or mission/operation concerns, and may be more restrictive with wear policy (e.g., no hats during organized fitness events, no head/ear phones due to safety concerns, etc.) To support unit cohesion and present a standardized image. However, long-term exceptions to policy must be submitted through MAJCOM to HQ USAFE/A1 for approval.

4. Questions should be addressed through the proper chain of command.

Richard y. Newton iiiLieutenant general,usafDcs, manpower


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