Trump-Kim Summit: Sit-down in Singapore

N. Korean leader says ‘world will see a major change’ after historic talks with Trump

President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un signed a document Tuesday at the end of their historic summit, with Kim saying they’re “going to leave the past behind.”

Pieces of the puzzle

Timeline of peace

Secretary of state clarifies stance as Trump says North Korean nuclear threat has ended

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo laid out an ambitious timeline for the North’s denuclearization, saying the administration wants the communist state to take major steps toward nuclear disarmament in the next two and a half years.

Japan’s Abe, North Korea’s Kim could meet in August, report says

A Japanese government source told Kyodo News that, during the Singapore summit with President Donald Trump, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un expressed an interest in a face-to-face meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

US suspends military drills with South Korea in surprise overture to North

The stunning announcement reverses decades of U.S. military posture in the region, with joint exercises at the heart of readiness against North Korea’s artillery and more than a million soldiers poised across the border.

U.S. Forces in Korea

Though President Donald Trump has said that removal of American forces in South Korea is not an option, it's sure to remain a contentious issue for North Korean leader Kim Jung Un. U.S. forces remain scattered across South Korea and are further entrenching at bases such as Camp Humphreys.

N. Korea claims concessions after summit with US

North Korea and the United States celebrated their historic summit on Wednesday despite criticism that President Donald Trump gave up too much, too soon, including war games with South Korea.

After summit, Otto Warmbier's parents press on with lawsuit against North Korea

Otto Warmbier has been a searing, painful symbol of North Korea's cruelty: a young American with the brightest of futures, held against his will for nearly a year and a half.

N. Korea’s scattered weapons sites highlight the challenge of denuclearization

The warheads — at least 20 in number, and perhaps as many as 60 — remain for now in their bunkers, somewhere in the rugged hills north of Pyongyang. Until today, there has been no public pledge from North Korea to dismantle them, or to allow inspectors to see them, or even to disclose where they are kept.