Record rainfall lashes Japan in wake of Typhoon No. 14

High waves lash the coast in Minami-Boso, Chiba Prefecture, on Saturday, Oct. 10, 2020.


By THE JAPAN NEWS-YOMIURI Published: October 10, 2020

TOKYO — Typhoon No. 14 was moving northeast off the Kii Peninsula and approaching the Kinki region on Saturday morning as it lashed much of the Pacific side of the country with heavy rains.

Downpours drenched the Pacific coast from the Kinki to Kanto regions, and caused landslides in Mie Prefecture and the Izu Islands. Some local governments issued evacuation advisories to residents.

The typhoon and meteorological front brought record rainfall to the Izu Islands. On Hachijo Island, a remote isle that is administratively part of Tokyo, a record 519.5 millimeters of rain fell over a 72-hour span through 9 a.m. Saturday.

In Kiho, Mie Prefecture, a landslide occurred on a mountain slope, flattening a storage shed. On Hachijo, landslides were reported in several locations. There were no injuries reported in either place.

All Nippon Airways canceled a total of eight flights connecting Haneda Airport and Hachijojima Airport scheduled for Saturday and Sunday.

The Japan Meteorological Agency issued at 5 p.m. Saturday Level 5 torrential rain warnings for two villages in the Izu Islands - Miyake and Mikurajima.

The warning is the highest in the five-level alert system for extreme weather.