US troops targeted in suicide attack near Bagram Airfield

A view of the mountains that are near Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan. A Taliban suicide car bomber attacked a convoy of foreign forces near the base Friday, Aug. 24, 2019.



KABUL, Afghanistan — A Taliban suicide car bomber attacked a convoy of foreign forces near the U.S.’s largest base in Afghanistan on Friday. No coalition troops were injured, officials said.

The attacker detonated his vehicle in the small town of Sar-e-Sayad near Bagram Airfield around 11.30 p.m., Wahida Shahkar, a spokeswoman for the local governor’s office told Stars and Stripes.

A foreign forces vehicle was damaged by the blast, which could be heard for miles around, Shahkar said.

At least two civilians were also wounded and four shops destroyed, the Afghan military said.

“There was an attack but no casualties or injuries to U.S. or coalition forces,” United States Forces-Afghanistan spokesman Col. Sonny Leggett said.

The Taliban claimed responsibility for the blast, saying it killed seven “invading soldiers” and destroyed two armored vehicles.

“Rather than taking responsibility and apologizing for the harm they bring to innocent Afghans and their businesses, the Taliban spread lies about the attack,” Leggett said.

The Taliban’s latest attack targeting foreign forces comes as Taliban and American officials continue talks in Qatar aimed at ending the war.

On Wednesday, two American Green Berets were killed by small-arms fire in northern Faryab province. The Pentagon provided no further details about the incident, but a Taliban statement said the group was responsible.

The Taliban’s top spokesman Sohail Shaheen told CBS news on the Friday that the American deaths “should have a positive impact” on the negotiations.

They show “it is very necessary to put an end to the war, because if the war continues there will be bloodshed and destruction and loss on both sides,” Shaheen said.

Zubair Babakarkhail contributed to this report.

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