Soldiers from the Southwest Special Police Force ride in a truck during a demonstration of fighting tactics about 10 miles from the front lines on the outskirts of Baidoa, Somalia. Aid agencies are encountering resistance in their attempts to deliver food.<br>Andrew Renneisen/The Washington Post

In Somalia, Islamist rebels block the starving from food deliveries

Near a dried-out reservoir on the edge of this village is a dilapidated mud hut. The family that lived there until last month went so far as to strip off its straw roof and feed the material to their emaciated cattle. When the animals died anyway, the family disappeared.

Japan's Ground Self-Defense Force troops withdraw from South Sudan

The last batch of Ground Self-Defense Force troops departed South Sudan's capital of Juba on Thursday, where the about 350-member 11th Engineer Unit had been taking part in a U.N. peacekeeping operation.

At least 28 killed in ambush attack on Christians in Egypt

Masked gunmen ambushed a bus carrying Coptic Christians to a monastery south of Cairo on Friday, killing at least 28 people, and Egypt responded by launching airstrikes against what it said were militant training bases in Libya.

UAE may fly warplanes from Somalia as Africa reach grows

A proposed United Arab Emirates base in semi-autonomous northern Somalia may add a naval facility to a military airport, extending the Arab nation's reach on the Horn of Africa coastline, a Somali official said.

Forces loyal to Libyan National Army seize control of air base

A spokesman for the Libyan National Army says forces loyal to the LNA have seized control of an air base in the country's south that had been under control of western militiamen.


A quarter century after downing of helicopters, US revisits Somalia

Almost a quarter century since the U.S. withdrew from Somalia after militiamen shot down two Black Hawk helicopters and special forces took heavy losses in a battle in the capital, an al-Qaida-backed insurgency is once again drawing U.S. attention.

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