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'Ironside' rolls into Frankfurt

Raymond Burr, star of the "Perry Mason" and "Ironside" TV series, at the Hotel Frankfurter Hof in June, 1970.


By WALT TROTT | STARS AND STRIPES Published: June 12, 1970

FRANKFURT — Television's wheelchair detective, Raymond Burr, arrived here minus his famous prop and obviously in good spirits Thursday.

The 53-year-old star's good humor may stem from the fact that his latest series, "Ironside," is currently rated No. 1 on the foreign TV market.

"Ironside" is also the reason for the visit being sponsored by Music Corporation of America, which packages the show. "I'm here for a number of reasons but mainly to try and learn why the show pleases them," Burr said.

After years of playing minor heavies in movies, the tall, burly actor achieved star status in the mid-50s as Erle Stanley Gardner's crime-fighting lawyer, Perry Mason, on television.

To judge by his answers during a press conference here that name might be amended to "Parry" Mason when applied to Burr. When asked which medium he preferred, movies, TV, radio or the theater, he replied, "I prefer them for different reasons."

Burr said, "There are things you can do in television and movies with cameras that could not be duplicated in the theater."

Did he prefer being a heavy or acting the part of a hero? "I prefer a good acting part," he said.

More questions. Does the renowned gourmet have a favorite dish? "Do you mean food?" he deadpanned. Burr said he doesn't have a favorite recipe but hundreds of favorites.

"Good German cooking is what I'm interested in now."

Burr has signed to star in a new movie, "Beach of Falesa," based on a Robert Louis Stevenson story. It will be filmed in the South Pacific later this year.