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Hundreds of shore-based jobs in Europe — including nearly all those at Naval Support Activities Gaeta and La Maddalena, Italy — are changing from sea duty to overseas shore duty, according to a Jan. 12 Navy administrative message.

All incoming sailors will have their tours at these bases, and many small activities such as naval attaché offices at various embassies, credited as shore duty. Sailors already at the commands, or who have already received orders to these commands, will have their entire tour credited as sea duty.

Shore-based jobs in Naples and Sigonella have been credited as shore duty for a number of years, but some of the smaller, more isolated locations had been considered sea duty. While the Navy differentiates between shore duty jobs in the U.S. and those overseas, each still is credited as shore duty for sea/shore rotations.

All enlisted jobs, and each individual rank in those fields, have a specific number of months in which a sailor is supposed to serve at sea or on shore before rotating back to the other type of duty. The change will cut the number of sailors available for the overseas shore billets, as those sea duty tour lengths will have to be done at sea.

In the past, sailors could have feasibly served an entire career on sea duty without having set foot on a ship because they were overseas. These changes, according to the Navy administrative message, allow Navy officials to better man those sea-going and deploying units.

“In this case we’re looking at making sure a sailor does sea duty at sea and gets (that) credit for advancement,” Chief of Naval Personnel spokeswoman Sharon Anderson told Stars and Stripes. Sailors who have opted for ships or deployable units for their sea duty generally advance quicker than those who have chosen overseas shore commands to fulfill their sea duty requirements.

These changes, according to the message, will increase the number of sailors available to fill critical billets at sea, help meet manning priorities and help restore the proper balance to sailors’ sea/shore rotations.

But these changes will come at a cost. Some of the overseas shore jobs are now much harder to fill, and Navy officials are offering big bonuses — up to $1,500 extra per month for a senior enlisted computer specialist in Naples, for example — to get people into some overseas shore jobs.

Sailors who want many overseas shore duty jobs make bids, up to a set amount per job and location, when they request orders. This is a market-driven system rather than one-size-fits-all, said Anderson.

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Commands reclassified as shore dutyThe following commands will now be considered shore duty for sailors:

La Maddalena, Italy

Naval Support Activity

Naval Facilities Engineering Command

Navy Branch Health Clinic

Customer Service Desk

Naval Media Center Detachment

NSA Security

Fleet and Family Service Center

Gaeta, Italy

NSA Gaeta

Navy Branch Health Clinic

Customer Service Desk

NSA Security

Fleet and Family Support Center

Attaché offices












Other European commands

Office of Naval Intelligence Liaison Office Rome

Defense Energy Office, Italy

Technical Liaison Office, Navy Unit, Ankara, Turkey

European Command Office of Defense Cooperation Tunisia

Commander, 6th Fleet Army Liaison Office




EUCOM ODC Portugal


Personnel Exchange Program La Spezia, Italy

PEP Livorno, Italy

PEP Lechfield, Germany

PEP Taranto, Italy

ODC Bulgaria

ODC Liberia

Defense Threat Reduction Office Kiev, Ukraine

Commander, U.S. 6th Fleet Liaison, Rome

Commander, Task Force 63, Naples, Italy

CTF 68, Naples, Italy

NAVFAC Europe, Aviano, Italy

NAVFAC Europe Vicenza, Italy

Supreme Allied Commander, Atlantic Antisubmarine Warfare Research Center, La Spezia, Italy

Central Command Office of Military Cooperation Cairo, Egypt

EUCOM Special Activity Defense Cooperation in Armaments, Italy

Korea commands

Military Sealift Command Office

PQ Mess Management Specialist, Seoul

Commander, Fleet Activities Chinhae

Joint Command Information Systems Activity

Naval Special Warfare Command, Special Operations Command, Korea Support Element

Naval Communications Detachment Chinhae

Naval Security Activity/Central Security Service NCR

Naval Media Center Broadcasting Detachment, Seoul

Personnel Support Detachment, Seoul

Personnel Support Detachment Customer Service Desk Chinhae

Naval Component Command, Chinhae

Commander U.S. Forces, Korea, Communications Security Support Facility, D3YN

Commander, Naval Forces Korea Detachment Pohang

Commander, Naval Forces Korea Detachment Chinhae

U.S. Naval Logistics Force

Commander, Fleet Activities Chinhae, Security

Office of Naval Intelligence special intelligence communications handling system CNFK, Combined Naval Intelligence Center

Naval Security Group Detachment Seoul



Special Operations Command Korea

Joint Command Information Systems Activity Taegu

Naval Air Pacific Repair Activity Detachment Korea

Joint Command Information Systems Activity Yongsan

Navy Branch Medical Clinic Chinhae, Korea

Commander, Naval Component Command Liaison Officer Group, Chinhae

PEP Chinhae

Commander, Naval Forces Korea, Seoul

Commander, U.S. Forces Korea Seoul

Defense Information Systems Agency Pacific Korea Field Office Seoul

Joint United States Military Advisory Group

Marine Corps Expeditionary Camp Pohang

United Nations Command and Republic of Korea- United States Combined Forces Command

Commander, COMBINED Naval Component Command ACC Liaison Officer Detachment, Osan Air Base

Other Pacific commands

Commander, Naval Network and Space Operations Command Detachment, Pacific

PEP Rockingham Australia

Navy Regional Contracting Command Singapore Detachment Jakarta, Indonesia

Navy Field Office Alice Springs, Australia

Tricare Area Office Pacific

ODC Papua New Guinea

U.S. Pacific Command Joint Support Activity Thailand

Personnel Support Detachment Customer Service Desk Singapore

Naval Medical Research Unit Two Jakarta, Indonesia

Chief, Joint United States Military Advisory Group, Thailand

ODC India

Office of U.S. Defense Representative Pakistan

Fleet Industrial Supply Center Yokosuka Detachment Melbourne

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