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Today’s European Spotlight shines on Dawn Colburn, supervisor at the Cinnabon in the Campbell Barrack’s food court, Heidelberg, Germany.

Are most of your customers hugely fat?


Have you noticed whether certain sorts of people eat corresponding sorts of “bons?” For instance, is there a certain type that prefers the Cinnabon Classic or does the Pecanbon inspire loyalty from a certain segment of the population?

Mostly it’s skinny people that eat the Pecanbon. It’s because they can.

How many calories does one of those bad boys have?

It’s not on the list. (But the Food and Diet Web site says 1,100.)

Oh, OK. Well, how many calories does the Cinnabon Classic have?


Are people abashed when they order one, like, ‘Well, I shouldn’t, but I didn’t have breakfast … ?’

No. But some people will come by and say, ‘That smells good,’ and they’ll walk by. Will power. The women will see it as a calorie issue. They’ll say, ‘I’d really like to have that but I’d have to do PT for a month.’

You yourself are quite slim. Do you have a hard time not eating the merchandise?

No. I don’t like them. I never have.

But you must take home the bons that don’t sell?

No. We box them up and sell them.

Then you must get free coffee, right?

No. It’s full price. No discounts. At Subway and Burger King you can get your employee meal, which is a discount. But not at Cinnabon.

So why is the food court so smoky sometimes?

It’s the Burger King ventilator system. The hood is not sucking the air out.

Are they going to fix it?


I think you make the best lattes available on base in the Heidelberg area. Has anybody else told you that?


Did they make you wear that Santa hat?

No, it’s my Santa hat from home. I brought it in, along with the tree.

Interview by Nancy Montgomery.

Dawn Colburn

Title: Supervisor at Cinnabon, Campbell Barrack’s food court, Heidelberg, Germany.

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