Amie Stone is the reference librarian at RAF Lakenheath, and organizer of the library's investment learning club.

Amie Stone is the reference librarian at RAF Lakenheath, and organizer of the library's investment learning club. (Geoff Ziezulewicz / S&S)

Lakenheath librarian putting together club teaching the tools to navigate the market

The economy these days is nothing short of sour. A pucker-inducing, biting-a-lemon sour. And if this financial tartness is giving you yet another reason to not learn about investment, have no fear. The Lakenheath library will host an investment learning club meeting on Feb. 10 from 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. and will feature a guest speaker who will help you navigate this uncertain terrain. Future meetings will depend on response to this one.

Amie Stone is a reference librarian and organizer of the program.

So what’s this investment club all about?

We’re going to have a guest come in and actually talk about investing and different things you can invest in, the pros and cons of it. We’re not giving investing advice as to what you personally should do. But options of what you can do and the risks involved in each of them.

How did you guys come up with this?

We’re always looking for different ideas and different things to do. This is an idea our director had. We have a lot of people coming in and asking if we have stuff on investing, and we do offer resources. We’ve got books and we subscribe to the Wall Street Journal.

With the current economic state, does knowing how to navigate investment become more important?

Oh yeah. You’re always going to have some areas that will do better than others, and different types of stocks. Just knowing when the time to get out is and when to stay. Right now you just have to wait it out. That’s all you can do. But there’s the idea of knowing how to manage. A lot of it comes down to people knowing how to manage their 401(k) and [thrift savings plan] accounts. They don’t know what they should be looking at, the percentages of how they should be breaking it down. You’re either going to put it all in high risk or you can break it down, just knowing the different sorts of options that are offered in those.

A lot of companies have now put it back on the individual to manage their retirement funds, and we’re not trained to do that. So this is just something to help people get a little more information and a little bit more knowledge.

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