The RAF Mildenhall BXtra is a busy place this holiday season. And that keeps David Bailey busy.

Bailey, 39, of Mildenhall, has been keeping the aisles flush with the latest and greatest in child entertainment and activities during the holidays. Last year, the store sold nearly $2 million in toys, Bailey said.

So, let’s start easy. What’s the hottest toy this season?

Transformers, easily.

Because of the movie?


Which Transformer in particular?

The Bumblebee.

Can I see one?

Can’t. We’re sold out. Those go real quick.

What about this whole episode with lead paint in toys and all the recalls? Are parents more aware of this during this Christmas season?

I haven’t seen anyone say anything about it in the past. Some of our Soldier Bear(s) were recalled. But not all of it, just some bits of it.

And what about last Christmas. What was hot then that isn’t big now?

Cars. You know, from the movie “Cars.”

Are all movies made now just vehicles to move millions of toys?

It looks like it because we got Spider-Man, Superman and [the] Fantastic Four all selling, too.

What toy is selling well that is not connected to a feature film?

Ben 10. But it’s on the Cartoon Channel.

And that leads us to the inevitable. The cold toys. What’s not selling?

The wrestling people. The pro-wrestling action figures.

So you’re saying CM Punk and Mike Knox just aren’t as big as Transformers?

That’s right.

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