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For the past 60 years, taxis have been stationed at RAF Mildenhall.

Andy Moules, chairman of M & L Taxis, along with his fleet of 33 taxi drivers and 30 vehicles, continues that tradition today out of a small office attached to the Gateway Inn.

As one of the only taxi companies allowed to enter the local air bases, the company’s main clientele is — no surprise — Air Force base personnel. Despite the occasional intoxicated or aggressive airman, Moules said that customers generally tend to be well-behaved.

How long have you been a taxi driver? I’ve been a taxi driver for five years.

Why are taxis stationed at the base? It’s to give a service to the people who are stationed here. It’s a convenient, fast and trusted service. We’re all security-cleared through the base and also through the Criminal Records Bureau of England.

What destinations are the most popular? We can take people to any U.K. destination. During the day time, it’s mostly airport runs. And then at night on the weekends, it’s obviously the night spots — Newmarket, Cambridge, Norwich and Bury St. Edmunds.

How far are some base personnel willing to take a taxi? It depends on how much they really want to get there. London Gatwick is probably the furthest we’ve taken people at the moment.

How much to Cambridge? Up to four people about 40 pounds. There’s not a huge difference between a four- and seven-seater taxi. Maybe about 5 pounds.

What about Stansted Airport? About 59 pounds, which can be cheaper than a bus. If you get a taxi down to the Mildenhall bus station, then a bus to Stansted, it will actually work out to be more for four people than it does using a taxi.

London Heathrow and Gatwick airports? Heathrow is 115 pounds and Gatwick is 120.

Do any interesting things happen along fares? I’ve had few problems with American personnel. We’ve got a close relationship to the base and they know that. If there are any problems, we can report them.

Is there one incident that stands out? I had one problem down in Mildenhall. Several guys from the base wanted to come in my taxi with bottles of beer, and I refused to let them get in because we don’t allow drinking and smoking in the cars for obvious reasons. They took offense to that and one of them struck out at me. He did give me a little bit of a graze, but I didn’t take it any further and we sorted it out and shook hands.

What’s the weirdest thing that you’ve seen? I picked up a chap from Beck Row. and he had a dead rabbit. He wanted to take it to a vet to see if it was alive or not. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that it was dead because he was upset. [Laughing]

How can someone book a taxi with the company? They can call 01638 712261 or go to


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