Gamers target U.S. troops in Chinese military 'shooter' video game

By Published: May 18, 2011

China reportedly copies many military systems from foreign-made originals, including the latest first-person-shooter video game modeled on the U.S. army-made shooter America's Army, according to the online technology magazine Wired.

The game, called 'Glorious Mission,' features simulated basic training and an imaginary battleground of close-quarters combat and shooting down of helicopters. News reports show scores of Chinese troops dutifully gaming away in front of their computer screens, according to Wired and a YouTube video of a China Central TV broadcast.

There’s a key difference between the American and Chinese “shooters” games: Where the bad guys in America’s Army are generic Middle Eastern or Central Asian insurgents and terrorists, the enemy in Glorious Mission is apparently the U.S. military, Wired reports.

Read more about gamers targeting U.S. troops in China's newest video game on Wired.

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