FRANKFURT — American comedian Dick Gregory has ended his fast in Iran and is flying to Boston for treatment of an infected tooth.

Gregory was at the international airport here during a stopover Monday.

He said he felt he could receive better dental treatment in the United States than in Iran.

Gregory also said he is continuing his fast, but not as rigidly as he had fasted in Iran. When he went to Iran, he said, he weighed about 150 to 160 pounds.

"My weight slipped to about 100 pounds. Right now, I'm somewhere around 120 pounds and feel very good," Gregory said.

American faces lit up with recognition when Gregory walked through the airport in Frankfurt. Two couples dared a greeting and Gregory responded as if they were old friends.

Gregory said the Iranians were very suspicious when he first arrived, but when they realized he was there only to pray and fast for the hostages they accepted him.

Gregory believes the Untied Slates could have had the hostages back months ago if the Carter administration had been willing to return the fortune the late shah allegedly took with him when he fled Iran in January 1979.

"They said they know the U.S. will never agree to returning $8 billion because they say money reigns supreme in our Western way of thinking. They said they laugh at the boycott because you can buy a package of Winstons quicker in Tehran than you can in New York. Yesterday I went out and bought a box of grits, the same brand they eat in the White House.

"I plan to walk from New York to the White House and demonstrate on the lawn," Gregory said.

He said his diet varies from three days of just lemon juice and then several days of peaches, grapes and other fruit.

Asked if he was worried about the repercussions of traveling illegally to Iran, Gregory said: "Man, they only threaten people who are afraid of going to jail. The government knows that I'm not afraid and they don't want to risk it before the election."

Asked if he was approached by the U.S. government in Iran or expects to be when he returns to the United States, Gregory said: "The government knows my position. They tried with some people posing as journalists but you soon know who you are dealing with from the type of questions they ask."

Gregory said he was given an audience with the Ayatollah Khomeini.

"It lasted around 15 minutes, I have no valid impression of the man. You know how it is. You can appear to be the world's best guy or worst in 15 minutes. I do know that the man reigns supreme. He is incredible. And the problem of the West is dealing with a genuine religious revolution. This is not the kind of thing where you take same booze and some women in the back room and reach an agreement."

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