For-profit colleges promise veterans a high-quality degree ... but do they deliver?


In a follow-up to PBS Frontline's "College, Inc.," correspondent Martin Smith investigates how for-profit colleges are aggressively recruiting huge numbers of new veterans with educational promises that many now question whether they can keep.

Stars and Stripes joined with PBS in presenting an hour-long chat with  Martin Smith and Bloomberg News's Dan Golden. A transcript is below.

In his 25 years producing for FRONTLINE, Martin Smith has won every major award in television including two duPont Columbia Gold Batons and four Emmys. He is the producer of College, Inc., FRONTLINE's 2010 film on for-profit colleges.


Dan Golden has covered higher education for 12 years. He is currently an editor at large for Bloomberg News, where he writes almost exclusively on for-profit colleges.

About "College, Inc." and "Educating Sergeant Pantzke"


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