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Slang 101, Part 3:

And we’re back again for more quality U.K. slang, courtesy of our friends at

This is your spot to pick up those British sayings that never came into the U.S. cultural radar via movies or British stereotypes on television. Enjoy and watch this space for more.

And for a limited time, the person who uses these terms the most in one night will win a free copy of the Stripes UK weekly! You can pick up your free copy at any of the free-copy stands on bases throughout England.

Have a bat in the cave: verb phrase; to have a visible booger or other blockage in a nostril, as in, “Hey Nigel, that girl’s coming over to talk to me. Do I have a bat in the cave?”

Herbert: noun; a dull or objectionable person, e.g. “He’s a real Herbert, he never leaves the base and watches the AFN command channel all the time.”

I’ll be buggered!: An exclamation of surprise. “I’ll be buggered! There’s not a line at the Shopette.”

Innit!: a questioning statement, such as “The Minnesota Vikings have to be the greatest NFL team ever, innit!”

The Local: noun; one’s local drinking establishment or pub.

Nugget: noun; a 1-pound coin, or a fool.

Offy: noun; a shop that sells alcohol, an abbreviation of “off-license,” the term for stores allowed to sell alcohol.

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