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Let’s get busy, thoroughly and proactively, once again, as we delve into the hilarious and befuddling world of U.K. slang, courtesy of our friends at

And for those of you who have been following along in previous weeks, a puzzle revealing secrets sure to make your life easier is hidden in each of the four installments. Put them together and take the seventh letter from each sentence. You will get a message that will surely change your life, something along the lines of “jsflajrakeukjfkaeeiowsa.”

Or just use this slang to sound cooler at the clubs. Game on.

Paddy: noun; a rage or tantrum, i.e., “Just calm down, buddy. There’s plenty of Burger King for all, so don’t get in a paddy.”

Podged: adjective; full of food and sated, a feeling that one has overeaten, i.e., “Man. That 10-piece Popeye’s bucket of chicken left me too podged to walk.”

Sod you!: exclamation; general exclamation of dismissal, rejection or hostility, i.e., “What do you mean five pounds for a beer? Don’t you know I get paid in dollars? Sod you!”

Stupid o’clock: noun; at an unreasonable, early time, i.e., “The commander’s call is at stupid o’clock tomorrow, so get to bed early tonight.”

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