UK law bans smoking in a car in presence of a minor


By STARS AND STRIPES Published: September 28, 2015

RAF MILDENHALL, England — Smoking in a car while someone under the age of 18 is present will be illegal in the United Kingdom starting Thursday.

The British government’s new rules make it illegal for anyone to smoke in a vehicle while a minor is present and for a driver to fail to prevent a passenger from lighting up. Drivers and passengers could be fined 50 pounds (about $75) each, and the driver can be fined twice: once for smoking and once for failing to stop a passenger.

The ban does not apply to using e-cigarettes.

The ban applies even if the vehicle’s windows are down, a sunroof is open or the smoker is in an open doorway of the vehicle.

People may smoke in the presence of a minor while in a convertible with the top rolled down.

The rule applies to campers only while they are operated as motor vehicles.

The new law will also ban purchasing tobacco or e-cigarettes for a minor and selling e-cigarettes to a minor.


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