Steep Spanish slide shut after user hurt at high speed

By ASSOCIATED PRESS Published: May 13, 2019

MADRID — A local authority in Spain says it has temporarily closed a steep municipal slide known as an "urban toboggan run" after social media videos showed a user injuring herself when zipping down it at high speed.

The 125-feet stainless steel slide has a gradient of up to 34 degrees. The council in Estepona, in southern Spain, advertised it as a useful fast way of getting between two streets which could be used by people of any age.

But video posted on social media showed one user hurtling down the slide and landing hard.

The council said it was an isolated incident and that hundreds of other users were unhurt. The slide remains closed Monday after being shut for a safety review Friday, a day after it opened.

Estepona is about a two-hour drive from Naval Station Rota.

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