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Students at overseas military bases protest school shootings with walkouts

14 March 2018

DODEA schools in Europe. About 150 students at Ramstein Middle School gathered by the flagpole to honor... in the walkout, citing U.S. Forces Korea policy that prohibits protests on military installations... working on a request for information about the extent of the protests at its schools. “DODEA does

Pence to delay trip to Mideast over tax bill

14 December 2017

adjust his schedule in the Middle East amid protests from leaders over Trump's recognition of Jerusalem... with troops stationed at the United States' Ramstein Air Base in Germany.

Thousands turn out for protest against Ramstein Air Base operations

9 September 2017

Thousands turn out for protest against Ramstein Air Base operations... RAMSTEIN AIR BASE, Germany — Activists protesting an alleged role in drone operations at... Ramstein Air Base held a final demonstration on Saturday by forming a human chain from the Haus des Burgers

Anti-Ramstein protesters seek dialogue with airmen

17 August 2017

group, Stopp Air Base Ramstein, plans to hold protests at the bases in the Kaiserslautern area from Sept... . 3 until Sept. 10. The protests are to include forming a human chain from Ramstein-Miesenbach to the... 180817PROTESTS

Could anthem protests spread to DODEA-Europe sports?

29 September 2016

Ramstein High School... Could anthem protests spread to DODEA-Europe sports?... . That list included coaches in football, the sport in which the protests originated and gained

Peace activists to rally outside Ramstein base

3 August 2016

their anti-war message on bicycles outside Ramstein Air Base and other locations in Kaiserslautern on... on its website. Underlining the urgency of this year’s protests, they say that “the ongoing war... demonstrators hope to hand out fliers to U.S. military personnel about Ramstein’s alleged role in the U.S. drone

German workers protest outside US bases for higher wage increase

19 October 2015

. Several hundred also protested outside Ramstein Air Base. Similar protests were held last week outside

German workers rally at Ramstein Air Base for higher wages

3 April 2013

union staged the symbolic protests at Ramstein, Pirmasens and other bases in the Kaiserslautern area a... protest, civilians, Ramstein, Kaiserslautern, paychecks, Three Little Pigs... RAMSTEIN AIR BASE, Germany — There may have been only about a dozen protesters

Founder of Afghan girls school tells Heidelberg Scouts of challenges

31 October 2012

, as the trip dates coincided with the violent protests that broke out across the country in early 2012... to speak Thursday at Ramstein Middle School in the multipurpose room from 5-7 p

Coach's dismissal, athletes' feats highlight year

26 December 2010

Ramstein High School... Ramstein and the continued excellence of the Kaiserslautern Lady Raiders’ track team, which stretches... officials later ruled the game a Heidelberg forfeit, but protests by fans and parents prompted an official

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