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Dorothy Lamour arrives in Frankfurt

Actress Dorothy Lamour in Frankfurt, Germany, in June, 1950.



FRANKFURT — Dorothy Lamour breezed into the EC today and bared the news that she will appear before EUCOM troops in her sarong.

"Everybody says that's what they want to see me in and I want to make our troops happy," she told reporters in the garden of the Frankfurt Press Club.

Miss Lamour and her entourage arrived at the press club in a cavalcade that included four sedans, a jeep and four motorcycles.

She left immediately after the conference for Würzburg, where this afternoon she gave the first of five scheduled performances for troops.

For the press, she was wearing a blue, fuchsia-dotted, off-the-shoulder dress, cut low and white shoes. Her hair was braided, and she wore it in a bun at the back. From a chain on her neck dangled a French coin dated 1613

She said it used to be a souvenir of French coronations, and had been given to her by a friend. She said she was wearing it as a good-luck charm on this, her first European trip.

"I've brought along only one sarong — a red one," she said, "but it is very durable."

Miss Lamour appeared last night before British troops at Hamburg and arrived in Frankfurt on a special train early today.

She said she planned to do essentially the same act she did three weeks in London and one week in Glasgow. It will last about 35 minutes and include a Dutch band, "The Four Shoes," and a British comedy team called the Blackburns.

She said she was anxious to perform for overseas troops "because I have two boys of my own; and I know how boys must feel to be so far away from home."

Miss Lamour appeared in Schweinfurt and Würzburg today.

Tomorrow, according to EUCOM Special Services, her sponsor, she will play Vilseck at 7 pm and Grafenwöhr at 9 pm. Her Saturday schedule is 98th GH, Munich, 12 noon; Landsberg, matinee, no time scheduled, and Landshut, 8 pin.

Sunday she will arrive in Austria.

Actress Dorothy Lamour in Frankfurt, Germany, in June, 1950.

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