Largest Coast Guard command welcomes new commander

Capt. Paul Stukus, left, last week relieved Capt. Chad Jacoby of his command of the Surface Forces Logistics Center, which is based in Anne Arundel, Md., and is the largest command in the Coast Guard. Stukus came from Coast Guard headquarters in Washington, D.C.


By HEATHER MONGILIO | The Capital | Published: July 2, 2020

(Tribune News Service) — Capt. Paul Stukus turned and saluted the rear admiral standing to his right.

He requested permission to relieve the command of the Surface Forces Logistics Center from Commander Capt. Chad Jacoby. Rear Adm. Nathan Moore granted the request.

With permission granted, Stukus turned to face Jacoby and relieved him of his command.

Due to COVID-19, there was limited attendance, with most watching a recorded version that was released last week instead of witnessing the ceremony in person.

Stukus is excited and grateful to be taking over the command. He came from Coast Guard headquarters in Washington, D.C.

“Together, we’re going to do so much more than just fix boats and ships,” Stukus said during the ceremony. “Together, we’re going to continue to support Coast Guard operations around the globe. Together, we’re going to help to save, protect and defend.”

Now relieved of his command, Jacoby will be going to Coast Guard headquarters.

The mission of Surface Force Logistics Center, located in the Curtis Bay area, is universally understood as supporting the fleet, Jacoby said during the ceremony. It is the largest command in the Coast Guard, Moore said. The SFLC is known to fix problems.

Under Jacoby’s leadership, the SFLC completed 3,600 projects that required major overhauls or rebuilds and nearly 50,000 contract actions, Moore said.

“They had 11 major hurricanes, a government shutdown, severe flooding events, record setting ice seasons and not to mention the challenges of keeping up 40-50 years old ships in addition to COVID-19 most recently,” Moore said. “Despite all those challenges, Capt. Jacoby’s leading edge perspective enabled us to overcome all those things and make history in the process.”

While Jacoby led the SFLC, he also designed his own inventions, programmed a massive computer laser cutter, rebuilt sports cars and at night, taught systems engineering through the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Moore said.

“So it sorta sounds like a little Tony Stark complex going on there,” the rear admiral said.

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