Coast Guard will reimburse moms on duty to ship breast milk home

By KATE FELDMAN | New York Daily News | Published: June 28, 2019

(Tribune News Service) — The Coast Guard will make it a little easier — financially at least — for service members with babies at home.

The Coast Guard Mutual Assistance will fund a $750 reimbursement program to help cover shipping costs for new mothers to send breast milk home, the department announced Tuesday.

All active duty members, including Public Health Service officers, U.S. Navy chaplains attached to the Coast Guard, reservists on Active Duty for Operational Support and their spouses and civilian employees, are eligible for the reimbursement. Anyone away from home for more than 72 hours qualifies.

About 15% of active Coast Guard members are female, according to Military.com, but more women leave after about five years than men.

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