Chinook chopper in emergency landing in Germany

Paratroopers prepare to board a CH-47 Chinook in Germany in 2014. A CH-47F with nine soldiers made a precautionary landing in the town of Morsdor on Wednesday, Sept.13, 2017.


By MARTIN EGNASH | STARS AND STRIPES Published: September 8, 2017

GRAFENWOEHR, Germany — A U.S. helicopter with nine soldiers has made a precautionary landing in the German town of Morsdor due to mechanical issues, military officials said.

The CH-47F Chinook and crew were flying to Hohenfels Training Area on Wednesday to conduct terrain flights and external load training when the pilot received indications of a transmission function issue. The pilot executed a precautionary landing in a field about 10 miles southeast of Nuremberg, and shut the aircraft down for safety. No crewmembers reported any injuries, officials said.

A downed aircraft recovery team and a safety team from 10th Combat Aviation Brigade were immediately dispatched to assess if the aircraft or local area received any damage as a result of the landing.

Army officials say the incident was under investigation.



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