Chief petty officer promotion results coming soon

Navy finds advancements weren't compromised by leak

By JASON CHUDY | STARS AND STRIPES Published: May 22, 2005

Chief petty officers waiting for promotion results should be getting the word soon, according to Navy officials.

“The inspector general of the Bureau of Personnel has determined that the recent board, which convened to select senior chief petty officers, has not been compromised,” said Lt. Kyle Raines, spokesman for the Chief of Naval Personnel.

The annual advancement results were supposed to be released almost two weeks ago.

But a list of those selected was sent out before Chief of Naval Personnel Vice Adm. Gerry Hoewing could certify that the selection board was run within its guiding precept, and, therefore, before the results could be determined as valid.

Even though the investigation results have not been announced, Raines said, the advancement results soon will be released.

“The results of the selection board can be released while the investigation is finalized,” he said Friday, adding that results should be out “in the next couple of days.”

Raines said that despite the IG’s findings, those holding an “unofficial” list of advancees will have to wait until the official list comes out.

“No advancements of personnel should occur until the official release of the senior chief petty officer selection list,” he said.

Raines also said that there has been no official announcement on what, if any, punishment will be meted out as a result of the leak.

“It’s too early to speculate on results of an investigation and punishments,” he said. “It’s best to let the investigation run its final course.”